Why Bother Drinking Alkaline Water? Or Should I Say..Why Wouldn’t You?

by AlkalineMom on 2:10 pm

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Why wouldn't you?

Why Bother Drinking Alkaline Water?

If you are reading this post you are obviously looking into the benefits of alkaline water in order to learn more about it.

So… why drink alkaline water then? What I should really say is… why wouldn’t you?

After all, we all know the benefits of drinking water alone…. So why not just drink tap water or purified water instead?

Well, I’m not sure about the quality of your tap water… but I’ve said this before, where I live you can actually ‘smell’ the chlorine that has been added at the treatment plant.

In my mind common sense has to prevail at some point …that drinking chemicals can’t be good over extended periods… if at all. We’re just not designed to endure the taxing effects.

Also, as a side note, I used to own a company who actually serviced the equipment at our water treatment center… and the amount of chlorine amongst goodness knows what corrodes just about everything in sight!

Since many people feel the same way about avoiding chemicals most people these days drink purified water purchased from local stores either in bottles or fill the ‘huge blue jugs’ that are common place on many home water dispensers.

In my eyes… that’s ok. At least the chemicals have been removed… but still to me, there is a noticeable difference in the taste.

Now I’m not an absolute expert… in other words I’m not a scientist but I do know that… this is due in part to the fact that everything has been removed from the water leaving it nothing more than WET! 🙂

What I mean is that ‘water’ the way nature intended is meant to supply a number of trace minerals. These minerals in nature are infused into the water by its exposure natural rocks and minerals as it runs through creeks, streams, rivers, etc.

The bottom line is that purified water has everything removed.

Tap water on the other hand is not only chemically infused but it is acidic.

As most of us know these days, we as humans have a lot to contend with in the way of exposure to UN natural substances we ingest. Meat is full of hormones in many cases; our produce has been grown with harsh fertilizers, not to mention the pesticides that keep it from being eaten before it is delivered to our homes.

Not to be a fear monger in any way shape of form, but there is no escaping many of these things completely.

Then of course many of us enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or other foods that are… at the end of the day acidic.

Everything we buy in the stores has ingredients that are not natural. I.e.: colourings, artificial flavours and other things we can’t ever pronounce.

Because of all of the above ‘doom and gloom’ water is not only a great way to hydrate but to flush our systems to wash all these acidic an toxic substances from the cells in our bodies where disease can begin to manifest and thrive.

So… What’s the deal with alkaline water then?

Ok… here are a few things to think about:

Alkaline water is more powerful antioxidant, effective detoxifier, and superior hydrator, drinking water or purified water. It maintains the body the way nature intended

Keeping yourself alkaline is a great defense in fighting disease while balancing the body’s pH and ridding it of the acids and harmful chemicals that build up over time.

Alkaline water is also said to be 5-6 times more effective in hydrating the body than purified or tap water and considering it balances the bodies ph to better flush out the system, the choice to switch is not a difficult one to make. (its actually the easiest de-toxification method you’ll find… and a heck of a lot less expensive too)

When you consider all these factors we face on a daily basis, stress is also huge culprit in producing bodily acids. Again, drinking alkaline water is a kind way to implement damage control.

After all they say ‘stress’ kills and I am convinced that it’s because ‘stress and anxiety in itself causes adrenaline rushes and other chemical reactions. I’m almost convinced that it’s acids that cause life threatening diseases. We’re simply not meant to have these things in our systems.

I can’t say for sure that alkaline water will cure things (I’m not qualified to say that) but there are a heck of a lot of testimonials of people who do. Click here to read a few it’ll shed a few different positive lights on the topic.

Natural acids is one thing (stress, anxiety, worry, etc)… and though not good by any means… adding other things into our systems the say we do these days only ads insult to injury.

Alkaline water counters many of the acids and neutralizes them faster.

Alkaline water is absorbed and accepted easier into our cells and lymph system and is carried through out blood to the other pars of our bodies.

The reasons behind making the choice to drink alkaline water are not difficult to understand…. And as a matter of face I wrote a recent post on the pivotal reasons I drink it myself. You can find that post here.

It only makes sense that a clean body is a healthier body and when we add gentle fluids and hydration into our diets, it’s much easier on our system and helps our kidneys dispose of the toxins.

So can you buy alkaline water?

The great news is you don’t have to buy alkaline water as you do purified water. You don’t have to buy any of these new fangled drops or get a fancy ionizing system installed either.

You will also actually save money, and even cut down on the environmental issues caused by all the plastic bottles that clutter our environment we use when we buy purified water from the store.

Instead, you can actually make your own alkaline water with the help of the Santevia Gravity Water System.

Make your own Healthy Clean Water

Now hear me out for a minute… and take a few minutes to learn why I am so passionate about the Santevia Gravity Water System that actually produces alkaline water effortlessly.

There are many unique benefits to owning a Santevia Gravity water system.

First of all, if you currently own a purified water machine, you can actually attach the Santevia dispenser unit to your current dispenser.

If you don’t own a home water dispenser, now is the time to do so. With the Santevia Countertop Gravity Water Dispenser, you can place it anywhere in your home. It has a small footprint and does not rely on electrical sources or plumbing in order to provide you with great tasting water daily.

For something really special, you could even consider a one of a kind ceramic system. Click here to find out more.

The cost of this system is on par or LESS than a home system BUT it does so much more. It is not expensive. Read this post here:

First of all it will save you the money and the hassle from purchasing your water from the store as you actually use tap water to fill it.

Don’t panic however, I realize I have just finished sharing the perils of drinking tap water and I am not about to contradict myself.

The Santevia Water Gravity System not only alkalinizes the water but it completely purifies it also during the first stage.

After the natural purifying process is complete the water is then exposed to a number of natural minerals and rocks. The water slowly drips through the one of a kind five stage filter re infusing it with the natural trace minerals we lack in this day and age.

It is the most natural process to have clean, healthy, pure earth water the way nature intended right in your home. You won’t run out … and you won’t have to run out and buy it… ever!

Just think no more bottles, no more expense, no more acidic tap water or neutral purified water to think about. Not to mention it tastes great and does your body good.

Order yours today or at least take a look for yourself: Click here:

or the image below:

Make your own Healthy Clean Water

Any questions please contact me through this site.

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