What is Alkaline Water and Why Should I Drink It?

by AlkalineMom on 9:57 pm

what is alkaline water, alkaline water

what is alkaline water

If you’ve never heard about it before, you might be wondering “what is alkaline water” and “why should I drink it?”

Alkaline water is water neither neutral nor acidic on the PH scale… rather it is ‘alkaline’ or balanced.

Many people believe strongly that there are many health benefits associated with drinking alkaline water and that it plays a great roll in maintaining health and well being.

Of course there are always the nay-sayers who claim it’s all a fabrication and state there is no conclusive research to state otherwise.

I’ll admit up front that I am not a scientist or medical expert and do feel that drinking alkaline water is a personal decision; I also feel that in this day and age it is crucial for all of us to take responsibility for our own well being.

With this in mind, and based on my own due diligence, research and personal experience I firmly believe that alkaline water is the smart choice to serve clean healthy water to my family.

Besides, even if alkaline water had no benefits (which I believe it does) common sense has to prevail that it simply has to be better than the alternative. (Drinking chlorinated tap water).

Normal tap water is acidic due to processing and chemicals that are added prior to the water being piped through to our homes and in my area you can often smell or even taste the chlorine (and who knows what the other chemicals might be) that are added during the decontamination process.

In my opinion (as well as the opinion of many others) it can’t possibly be beneficial or good for the body. (I don’t know about you… but drinking ‘bleach’ doesn’t turn me on!) and with this said, my choice is at least risk free and there’s nothing to lose!

I.e. (Think about when you hear shampoo ads promoting ‘alkaline’ hair products – you automatically conclude they are gentle on hair!)

Alkaline water is not acidic and it is gentle and easy on the body. It is said to have many benefits because it is ‘balanced’ and it helps to both flush out and neutralize the harmful chemical imbalances in the body.

Acid build up and imbalances are caused by many factors; the foods we eat the additives and hormones that are added to our foods; coffee, traces of pesticides found in produce…. Not to mention the bodily produced acids caused by the stresses of daily life!

All of these factors cause the body to run too acidic which damages cell tissue and can do great damage to your health over time if the body can’t part with them.

We all know that drinking water flushes the body of toxins, etc. Drinking alkaline is said to hydrate and heal every cell in organs, skin and and every part of our body.

It purifies the blood, balances the body and neutralizes harmful acids, hence many believe (or swear by) reduces and/or eliminates and even helping to heal many ailments.

While on the topic of ‘ailments, there are in fact, many, many testimonials on the positive side affects. You can find these testimonials on the site of Santevia Pure Earth Water in the testimonials tab.

Drinking alkaline water is a personal choice, but one I, along with a great majority of health conscious individuals believe in wholeheartedly, based on the common sense facts.

Why not drink purified water then instead of alkaline water?

While it is possible to avoid the chemical contamination found in tap water by simply drinking purified water…. Purified water is just “neutral” and contains none of the natural mineral compounds that are meant to belong in water the way nature intended. Instead, it is simply a hydrant… just ‘wet’!

Surprisingly drinking healthy clean water that is alkalized, mineralized and vitalized is neither difficult nor expensive to acquire.

Systems such as the Santevia Gravity water system along with many of the other Santevia product solutions can help improve both health and peace of mind.

You can drink clean healthy water effortlessly and it will actually cost less than purchasing a standard purified water system.

While I realize I have veered off the question ‘what is alkaline water’ somewhat 😉 I hope I have been able to shed some light, even though I may have side tracked.

Again, while drinking alkalized water is a personal choice, it is one that is effortless to do, economical and a good habit to get into… if indeed the facts speak to you the way they do to so many.

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