The Santevia Ceramic Water Dispenser

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Santevia Ceramic Water Dispenser

A truly unique System

The Santevia Ceramic Water Dispenser

If you are in the market for a Ceramic Water Dispenser, have you ever considered a Ceramic Alkaline Water Dispenser for something completely different?

If you are not familiar with the benefits of Alkaline water, it might serve you well to just take a look around this site to first familiarize yourself with the benefits of drinking alkaline, mineralized water.

You will find that the cost of healthy mineralized water costs less than purchasing purified water (in the big blue bottles).

With that said, you are not on this page at this point to learn about alkaline water benefits… so with that said, I’d like to introduce you to the Santevia Ceramic Water Dispenser that is also a purifier, mineralizer and a sheer unique addition to any décor.

Here are some features:

Each Santevia Water System Ceramic Model. Has been hand-painted, resulting in slight artistic variations. In turn you have a truly unique one of a kind product.

This model, while keeping our core water values intact, is a significant redesign. It is made of ceramic, which is heavy, and will require carefully handling when cleaning as it will break if dropped.

The Santevia Water System Ceramic Model has a capacity of a 4L (1 US gal) inner chamber nestled inside an 8L (2 US gal) outer chamber.

The Mineral Stone Post Filter with bio ceramics rests on the bottom of the outer chamber. The unique design of this model features a proven and tested filtration technology – the Doulton Super Sterasyl Candle Filter.

Benefits and other features of the Santevia Ceramic Water Dispenser:

• Healthy

Santevia produces mineralized and alkaline water which is ideal for drinking. It has a pH of 8.0 – 8.9).

• Will Save You Money!

More cost effective than bottled water or delivered water as it is purified and mineralized in your home. You supply the water from your tap, and the processing begins!

• Eco-Friendly

Eliminates the need for single use plastic water bottles or water delivery.

• Long Contact Filtration

Filters 16 litres (4 US gal) of drinking water per day.

• Gravity Powered

No electricity or plumbing needed; works in an emergency.

• Warranty

1 yr warranty on parts.

Because the Santevia Ceramic Model is a Limited Edition, there are no returns on the Ceramic Model.

For more information on how Water Gravity Systems work, see my Santevia Gravity Water System Review.

Even the standard model is a unique conversation piece, but for something truly quaint…. The Ceramic Water Dispenser truly takes the cake!

You can order yours by visiting Santevia Pure Earth Water.

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