The Difference Between Tap Water, Purified Water and Distilled Water

by AlkalineMom on 1:20 pm

tap water versus purified water

tap water vs. purified water

On this page I am providing a brief overview of drinking water and the difference between drinking tap water, purified water and distilled water; and why more and more people are choosing to drink alkaline water as an added health benefit.

Tap Water

Tap water, though considered safe for drinking has gone through a process of decontamination at municipal water treatment plants.

In this day and age, it seems that more chlorine and other additives have been added to supply our homes with contaminant free tap water.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the quality of tap water has declined over the last number of years, to the point where you can actually (in come cases) smell and even taste the chlorine that is present in the tap water.

In some plants, fluoride and other compounds are also added taking away from the original quality.

Again, although we are told that drinking tap water is perfectly safe, many of like to avoid drinking chemicals in our tap water as there are still many unanswered questions and we are yet to know what the long term effects might be.

While it could be perfectly safe… why take the chance?

Because many of would prefer not to drink the chemical impurities found in municipal tap water, more and more people are now opting to purchase water dispensers for home and drink purified water instead.

My personal opinion, (though I’m no scientist) is that tap water is almost acidic and at best, non-alkaline… justifying the choice to consume purified water instead. Yet, with this said, purified water also has it’s downside.

Here’s why:

Purified water:

Although purified water is chemical free, it is also mineral free as all the natural minerals have been removed. Although it serves it’s purpose where hydration is concerned… the bottom line is it’s merely ‘wet’… and provides non of the minerals needed or serves nothing in the way of health benefits other than the fact that the chemicals and chlorine has been removed.

What is the difference between purified water and distilled water?

Purified water and distilled water are essentially the same thing: water which has had all impurities and minerals removed although the water is produced by two different methods.

Purified water is processed by reverse osmosis or deionization to produce water which has no dissolved solids.

Distilled is boiled and the steam is collected, leaving the solids and impurities behind.

Although some people drink distilled water, it is more commonly used for medicinal purposes.

So What’s the answer?

With this in mind, more and more people are taking responsibility for their health and looking for ways to ensure the water they drink contains natural minerals just as nature intended.

An easy way to ensure your water is safe and healthy, is to drink alkaline water that is also re-mineralized and vitalized produced by systems such as the Santevia Water Gravity Systems.

Using the Santevia Pure Earth Water systems is easy and cost effective way to ensure your water is safe, rather than purchasing purified water for your home dispenser. It is also much less hassle and is good for your health!

Not only is it a healthier choice, it tastes good too and is a great way to ensure your family is drinking water than will do them good and give you peace of mind.

Click here to find my review on the Santevia Gravity Water System.

Why drink tap water or purified water when you can drink clean, healthy alkaline water instead?

Visit the Santevia Pure Earth Water Site to learn more. Your health and wallet with thank you!

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