Santevia Gravity Water System | The Pivotal Reasons I Bought One

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santevia gravity water system for alkaline water

The natural choice!

I’d like to share the reason(s) that caused me to choose the Santevia Water Gravity System and to start drinking alkaline water as a way to add another layer of preventative measures pertaining to the health of myself and my family.

As I have already confessed on my about me page, I am not your typical ‘health nut’ BUT I am considerate of making careful choices when it comes to diet and obviously use common sense.

The reason I am not a full out health nut is, to be honest, because I really like my food, my cuppa coffee or tea… and even the odd cocktail.

I am not a person who goes ‘totally organic’ although I do choose some produce that is.

I am not a vegetarian either. I like a good steak or the odd hamburger, but I don’t over do it…and I still consider myself sensible when it comes to what I eat and what I feed my family.

With that said, this last year or so I have come to realize the fact that we humans really do have a lot to contend with and hence NEED to take responsibility for our own health. Whether we’re talking about ‘health care’ or healthy choices.

In today’s day and age, we are inundated with chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, fertilizers and even some of the cosmetics we use have certain chemicals or toxins that we absorb into our body.

Oh… and yes I enjoy wearing a little make up and perfume, skins creams, etc… but the reality is there is no escaping ‘chemical substances’ even in these products.

Sadly, even our drinking water is affected by additives and toxins!

alkaline water

These days tap water is exposed to certain chemicals and cleaning solutions at the chemical plant… and I don’t know about your water, but where I live you can sometimes actually smell or even taste the chlorine that has been added through the processing and treatment!

Though we are told it is safe to drink… (I am sure it won’t finish you off if you choose to have a glass here or there) at some point though…common sense has to prevail and we have to realize that drinking ‘chlorine’ can’t be good.

All this ‘stuff’ ends up being stored and accumulates in our bodies and over time you can imagine the toxicity that builds in our cells?

I believe personally, that this is the reason so many people suffer with cancer these days. (Even healthy people… or folks with no debilitating ‘vices’). I simply feel that no matter who you are or what kind of lifestyle you lead, we as regular folks have a difficult time escaping all the chemicals and toxins in our every day environment.

I had never really given much of this sort of thing a lot of though to be honest until as I say a couple of years ago when I lost two friends to cancer.

Then this year, in January I lost another dear friend to bone and prostate cancer. Again, my friend Dan, lead a fairly healthy lifestyle and had few vices.

Dan was a smart individual, again not a health nut, but he always made healthy choices when it came to food and exercised regularly.

When he was diagnosed, he started doing research into what could have caused his condition. He soon came to the personal conclusion that (and I agree) cancer has to be due to our diets and the many other substances that are now present in our environments that we unintentionally and involuntarily ingest.

I was fortunate to be able to spend a decent amount of time with him in his last few weeks of living on earth, and during this time when we were together, he shared a LOT of the information he read up on and even a move called ‘food matters’… (I will try to find the link so you can watch it yourself.)

A lot of the materials he shared are enough to scare you to death… but I’m not writing this to be a scare monger.

The truth is we simply can’t escape everything… so I am not suggesting you worry yourself sick about all the things that we have too face or more accurately have to ‘dodge’…

I still feel that moderation and sensible choices can make a huge difference in staying healthy.

Heavens, if you tried to eliminate or avoid everything, we would all lead a very difficult and stressful life.

So what does this have to do with the Santevia Gravity Water System and drinking alkaline water?

Well… since being made aware … and taking the time to analyze and think about all the things we eat on a daily basis… and the things we are exposed to (i.e. EMF from cell phones, microwaves, toxins in water, preservatives in food, pesticides on vegetables)… I started to think about simple ways to adjust my diet and tried to determine how to do the best I could to eliminate and/or avoid unnecessary exposure.

I use my microwave less, I choose natural meat products, and purchase local vegetables as often as possible and I made a decision once again to drink more water.

As we all know, drinking water helps flush every cell in our system… and since the human body is made up of more than 70% water, it only makes sense that we should take heed and hydrate for optimal health. In fact, there are so many benefits to drinking water regardless of the things we have to battle against.

Making sure we were are drinking enough water was a primary focus for me and my family and we all agreed we would make the effort.

While we have avoided drinking tap water for quite some time, we have used our regular purified water machine. (The one with the big blue bottle).

To be honest I was never ‘keen’ on the taste of purified water… it always tasted different to me… but with that said, it was still the healthier choice to drinking tap water.

The Turning Point to Alkaline Water and the switch to the Santevia Gravity System:

Out of the blue, this summer, I was invited to my neighbours for a barbeque, and they just to happen to be the folks who developed the Santevia Pure Earth Water Products.

santevia gravity water system

I heard of their Santevia Water Gravity system a couple of years ago to be honest and was even aware of the reasons they developed it but at the time … admittedly and unfortunately I paid little attention.

While at this neighbourly gathering, I had the opportunity of seeing the Santevia Water Gravity systems in action….

When I had a glass of the water, I though ‘mmm this is good water”

I began to ask questions about the unit as it is very interesting looking to be honest… what with the various mineral stones and rocks, and mineral balls, it really does look quite ‘natural’ and almost an ornamental conversation piece.

Furthermore, there are three styles to choose from…More on that here.

It was explained to me that in the top unit thoroughly and naturally cleans the tap water by filtering out all the foreign elements by slowly filtering through a ceramic filter. Nothing is added in the way of drops or chemicals.

Once the water is cleaned, it then slowly drips through a series of minerals and rocks, such as zeolite, coconut carbon and other mineralized stones all which reinfuse the water with natural goodness to vitalize it (naturally) as well as alkalize it way nature intended.

You see our water, the way God intended it, was to provide us with natural trace minerals that are essential for health as well as the obvious hydration our bodies need.

This day and age both tap water and purified water is void of those minerals due to processing at the water treatment plant.

‘Adding’ anything in the way of drops or new fangled powders aren’t a natural process which in my opinion can’t be beneficial.

Because the Santevia Gravity water system actually puts the minerals back into the water naturally by using natural rocks derived from the earth… the end result is clean, healthy, mineralized, just the way nature intended.

Not only that, but the end result to the water is that it is mildly alkaline which means that it has a pH of about 7.

When I considered all the acids and chemicals we ingest, and when I imagined the build up that ‘must’ occur… it only made sense to that drinking alkaline water was a gentle and smart alternative rather than trying to flush our systems with acidic tap water or neutral purified water.

I mean, lets face it, we all know the benefits of drinking water is to hydrate and cleanse the body, so gently cleaning it while neutralizing acids, and reaping the benefits of many of the trace minerals we lack is a no brainer.

Santevia Gravity Water System Testimonials

While I was pondering all the information about the Santevia system, one of my other neighbours came over and shared a story about one of his friends.

He told me that his friend was also diagnosed with cancer (I can’t remember the type of cancer) but thankfully he survived. My neighbour ‘Tom’ told me that his friend swears that his turning point was after he started drinking alkaline water… and it was only then that things started to look up for him.

Whether this is hearsay or not or… I doubt it very much… but in any event, naturally, I can’t say for sure…that alkaline water can cure illness.. but to me it just made sense that alkaline water would only have nothing less than a positive effect … and make so much more sense than drinking tap water (infused with chemicals) or neutral non beneficial purified water.

It sure make me wish I had known about this machine and the benefits of alkaline water sooner as I would certainly have bought one for my friend Dan without a second though.

Obviously that’s hind sight as he’s not here… but I do believe he was meant to teach me a thing or two about paying attention to my choices so I took this introduction to the Santevia System to heart. After all, it’s not a difficult ‘change’ to make.

When I got home after the barbeque I went online to the Santevia site and read some of the testimonials.

After reading for about an hour… I though… ‘You know what…. This really is a no brainer’…not only for me, but for my kids too.

Obviously as a mother we all want to do everything we can to preserve our children’s health. Not only that but personally I’d kind of like to stick around for a while and preserve mine too. 🙂

Since having the Santevia Gravity water system, I notice we all drink more water and honestly feel quite energetic. Perhaps it is purely because we have subscribed to drinking more water in general… but at least now I have the peace of mind knowing I am serving the healthiest water to my family.

Health is worth the investment. If living a healthy life might simply boil down drinking healthier water and keeping our bodies cleansed the best we can of the chemicals that we unknowingly ingest… heavens Murphy,

purchasing Santevia gravity water dispenser is definitely worth it.

Making your own alkaline water that is mineralized to boot is no more difficult than using your everyday run of the mill purified water machine; it’s safer in my opinion than drinking tap water and is the easiest most cost effective healthy habit I know.

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