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by AlkalineMom on 1:23 pm

I have received a number of emails lately from various people on the web from people who are interested in how to make alkaline water.

Well, there are many ways that are believed make alkaline water, however if making alkaline water was as easy as adding a couple of drops to your tap water or squeezing a lemon in a glass… then none of us would ever have to worry about the quality of water again… regardless of how many chemicals are added at the processing plant!

Think about it. Adding a few drops (of who knows what) to your glass of water or simply squeezing a lemon into your beverage isn’t going to remove the harmful chemicals that are present in the water from your kitchen sink.

Don’t get me wrong either, I enjoy a nice squeeze of lemon in my drinking water, but it’s mainly for the refreshing flavour more than anything else.

As I have mentioned I am not an absolute health nut, but I do know that at one time or another, common sense has to prevail when it comes to drinking water and providing healthy clean alkaline water to my family.

This day and age, each and every one of us has to be willing to take the bull by the horns in order to protect our own health issues.

Although modern medicine is a blessing we all should be grateful for, it’s not always the be all and end all, and frankly I don’t think natural healthy habits are given many points or the respect that some of the easy home methods deserve.

That is what lead me to the Santevia Gravity Water Machine when I decided I wanted to make the simple switch to drinking healthy alkaline water that is also mineralized.

make alkaline water with the Santevia Gravity Water System

I luv making Alkaline Water

Basically this unit is inexpensive and will cost you either the same or less than any of the regular run of the mill water coolers on the market then why wouldn’t it be worth at least a bit of due diligence?

Here’s an easy way to make alkaline water that will give you a constant supply of clean and healthy mineralized water:

You simply fill the reservoir on the Santevia Gravity Water System with tap water… (Yes I did say tap water)…but don’t panick! 😉

Once the water is added, the thorough cleaning and filtering process begins.

Once the water is thoroughly filtered, cleaned and purified, it then drips through an exclusive 5 stage process that exposes the water to a variety of natural minerals to revitalize the water with the trace elements than was intended by nature in natural drinking water.


Unique Santevia 5-Stage Filter

Each and every drop is thoroughly reproduced by slow exposure the unique Gravity Water Filter containing organic compounds such as earthenware ceramic, coconut carbon charcoal, volcanic Zeolite, and silica sand the way natural water is created from the earth.

The best part of this is at the end of it all, you now have your very own continuous supply of clean alkaline water on a daily basis which is pretty much hands off… and will save your money. You will never have to purchase new fangled drops, or buy neutral non vitalized purified water in the big blue bottles.

If you are interested in making alkaline water in your very own home in order to provide your family with healthy clean drinking water each and every day, then I strongly suggest that if nothing else you check out the Santevia Gravity water system.

At least take a look at it in order to educate yourself and perform due diligence.

Make your own Healthy Clean Water

I simply can’t understand why anyone would go through the hassle of trying to make alkaline water any other way when you have this awesome system that will do it all for you and mineralize the water to boot.

Get your system now for fast delivery HERE!

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact me at any time.

I will be more than happy to give you’re the straight answers… after all why wouldn’t I?

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