Kidney Health & Alkaline Water Benefits

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kidney health, alkaline water

Alkaline Water & Kidney Health

If you have concerns surrounding kidney health, then drinking alkaline water might just be something to consider.

The kidneys are vital organs that filter waste and excess fluid from the body.

If your kidney health is compromised, although may not be possible to ‘reverse’ the ailments, but often the progression of the decline can be slowed or stabilized by making modifications to the food you eat and improving hydration by drinking more water… or more specifically alkaline water.

Naturally, depending on the severity of your kidney issues, it is important to speak to your physician with regards to your diet… as well as your water intake.

Of course you will likely already be well aware of your condition and if the severity of your kidney disease and any fluid “restrictions” if kidneys do not function well enough to excrete fluids from the body.

With that said, if kidney health is a less severe, the probability is that increased hydration has been recommended more often than not it is beneficial.

If you are looking at alkaline water as a way to stay hydrated, you might be interested to learn Santevia Water Systems is proud sponsors of Dr. Rich Snyder’s show “Improve Your Kidney Health” … I will provide the link below.

Because proper hydration is such an important part of staying healthy, Dr. Snyder had this to say:

“Our bodies are more than sixty-percent water. The toxins and heavy metals such as lead that are present in the water can impair kidney health and cause kidney disease. It is vital that the water you drink be free from impurities that may be harmful to the body especially the kidneys.” says Dr. Snyder. “Water that is alkaline is even more beneficial as it counters the effects of acid build up in the body. It also reduces total body inflammation and provides anti-oxidant support”

*cited from the Santevia Website on kidney health*

Dr. Snyder is a huge supporter of Santevia and when he first tasted Santevia mineralized, alkaline water he said himself that is was “the best tasting water ever”

As Dr. Snyder so eloquently states” “you must be actively participating in your own health care”

If kidney health is a concern, then what could be simpler than just ensuring you are feeding your body with healthy alkaline water?

He also says that “Its not only about what we are putting in our bodies but its about how we feel about our own health and our own healing” and that “things change when we change what we eat and the water we put into our bodies”.”

In order to receive all of these benefits, Dr. Snyder recommends Santevia Water Systems.

The Santevia water products clean and mineralize your water by creating mildly alkaline water that is healthy, cost-effective and eco-friendly at just pennies a glass.

Take away:

Drinking alkaline water for overall health, (including kidney health), is a simple habit and lifestyle change to make.

Not only is it cost-effective, (the average person spends in excess of $400.00 per year on water) but you can actually ‘feel’ the difference.

Check out the Santevia Gravity water system here:

Make your own Healthy Clean Water

**Additionally, Santevia has introduced a brand new alkaline water pitcher that is perfect for taking to the office, on vacation or even to the ballpark.

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santevia water pitcher

It’s a great way to make your own water no matter where you are, and not to mention makes a great gift!

To listen to the kidney health show for yourself, click below:

kidney health, alkaline water

Order your Santevia Gravity water system amongst other great products and be on your way to better kidney health and reap the benefits of feeling great!

Make your own Healthy Clean Water

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