In the Market for an Alkaline Water Machine?

by AlkalineMom on 9:33 pm

alkaline water machine
Alkaline water machine

If you are in the market for an alkaline water machine, then I have what might just be the perfect solution with the Santevia Gravity Water System.

First of all, and as a side note I would like to make you aware that, anyone can do a product review, and there are many out there I’m sure.

The problem is many reviews are written by people who have not personally used the product. (s)

I have … and continue to enjoy my alkaline water machine by Santevia Gravity Water System so I am able to provide you with a first hand opinion of the system.

I have owned my system for a while now, and frankly it is one of the best moves I made.

In the past, I was not aware of alkaline water benefits, but once I visited my friend, who actually owned her own alkaline water machine, I started asking questions. Once I tasted the water and she explained the system, I found owning a machine made perfect sense.

Naturally, at first I wondered if the price might be cost prohibitive, but to my surprise I found that the price of the system is on par or less than many of run of the mill purified water systems on the market.

You see, this system not only purifies the water to remove the toxins, such as chlorine and other chemicals that are added at the treatment plants thus saving me the hassle of purchasing ‘purified’ water or the need to pre filter it in the first place,(prior to running it through the machine as you simply use tap water), but it also re mineralizes the water due to its unique filtering vitalizing process.

The end result is cost free, clean, safe mineralized water than tastes great and is actually good for you! Even the kids drink more water and choose to take water in their lunches opposed to juice… which is a great bonus!!

Sure there are other ways of alkalizing water such as adding drops… but that only removes or settles the acids without adding anything remotely beneficial.

The Santevia system on the other hand is not only an “alkaline water machines, but is actually the first system to re-create Pure EARTH water right in your very own home!

Let me explain:

The Santevia Alkaline Water Machine actually transforms Tap Water

Here’s how it works:

While water filtration is important to yield clean, contaminant reduced water – it is only one element of organically complete water.

Unlike many high-tech water filters, Santevia Gravity Water Systems cleans your water without using chemicals, artificial filter media, water pressure, or electricity.

Santevia uses all-natural and effective compounds such as earthenware ceramic, coconut carbon charcoal, volcanic Zeolite, and silica sand. Once sparkling clean the real magic of transforming your water begins.

Water is re-energized with bio-ceramic, which like the sun, emits the invisible yet beneficial far-infrared light spectrum. Magnets in the dispenser spout simulate the magnetism of the Earth’s core, thought to re-structure water for better bio-availability.

Bitter and acidic tap-water is transformed into terrific healthful alkaline water through contact with natural silica sand and mineral dense Maifan stone. Water pH is increased by as much as 100%!

Mineral dense Maifan stones infused with highly beneficial and absorbable calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and other trace minerals are put back into the water.

Pure and naturally re-mineralized, alkaline and revitalized Santevia pure water is brilliant in clarity, mountain spring fresh with a sweet and smooth flavour unique to Pure EARTH Water.

Alkaline and mineralized water refreshes and revitalizes your body. Bio-ceramic energy balls and aligned magnets serve to re-structure, and cluster water molecules for optimal absorption and hydration.

to me, if you’re going to drink water, why just drink purified water? May as well make the water count and actually nourish at the same time. It’s hassle free and costs less!

Order your very own alkaline water machine today by visiting the Santevia Pure Earth Water site.

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