Can Alkaline Water Cure Illness?

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Can Alkaline Water Cure illnesses? The short answer is ‘I don’t know’ … but …. “Even though I don’t know… isn’t it worth a test run?”.

I’d like to make it very clear that while many people SWEAR that alkaline water has cured or can cure many things,(I’ll share some testimonials below) that I am not .. or won’t make any claims because I haven’t had the ‘first hand’ experience.

What I do know though, is there is no harm in trying any “safe” alternative if you are searching the web looking for something to alleviate what ails you and ‘if’ there could be some relief in drinking alkaline water… then go for it. 😉

I will also share that I personally believe that the ‘cure’ is out there for everything… this goes for Cancer, and any other horrible diseases we face; it’s just that we humans have not been able to pin point it yet.

I also believe that the cure for many of these things is simple… I actually believe they are so simple that we don’t consider them…what I mean is that perhaps… ‘We’ are not seeing the forest for the trees. (?)

Maybe its hope… but I truly don’t think so, but again, these are just my thoughts, you might disagree.

What I do know is that SO many people feel strongly about drinking alkaline water, and claim it has helped them with a multitude of illnesses.

To be perfectly honest, I would have never thought of it… or even considered the benefits of alkaline water if in that regard it were not for my discovery of the Santevia Gravity Water System.

Make your own Healthy Clean Water

Now to lay my cards of the table, I do support, USE and promote the system… BUT I wouldn’t if I didn’t see the merits, believe in it or feel strongly about it. I don’t support or share anything if I truly don’t feel from the heart that others could use the information.

It is my belief that if you are searching for a solution… whether it is health related or otherwise, you have to do your own research and you have to try different things to see if it works for you.

I choose to drink alkaline water simply because I feel it’s a common sense, safe alternative to drinking the chemically infused tap water that is piped to our homes these days.

I also feel that because of the mineralizatation and the gentle pH water the Santevia Gravity Water System produces it’s an effortless way to feel ‘good’ about the water I serve to my family.

After all, were always told to drink more water and that it’s a vital part of living…. It just makes sense to me to make sure it’s clean!

Since owning the machine and noticing that we all drink and enjoy more water that we did … I took a further interest in the products which lead to me see what other were saying.

When I visited the Santevia Site, and started reading the testimonials I was intrigued.

Here’s a snippet ofwhat some people had to say about drinking Alkaline Water and their Santevia Systems:

(from the Santevia Site)

I recommend Santevia Water Systems for all aspects of health
I have just bought your Dispenser Model Gravity Water System and am very happy. Last night I felt a cold coming on and decided to use Santevia water instead of astragulas to stop it and it worked. Alkaline water is a wonderful thing. I have had kidney failure twice and the water helps tremendously all the time. I rebuild my kidneys every 15 years and live a totally normal life for about 14 years and 6 months in between the treatments. I take nothing during this time except I am always cautious of my liquid intake.

The result is that I live a dialysis free life, without any kidney malfunction at all. Your Santevia system works well to maintain this quality of function between treatments, because the Santevia water is so easy for the kidneys to process. My initial reason for purchasing the Santevia water system was the disease fighting aspects of alkaline water, but my kidneys do great on it as well. I recommend the Santevia Water Systems for all aspects of health.

Thank you for such a great product
I just wanted to thank you for putting together such a great product. I’ve had four different types of water filters over the last 15 years, and the Santevia® Gravity Water System is the best by far. Everyone I’ve shared the Santevia water with has always commented on how clean and smooth it tastes. Being that it’s a gravity fed system, and doesn’t require electricity or faucet pressure to operate, it will work even if the power goes out. I really appreciate that you make such a functional and well put together product.

Thank you for such an amazing product!
I’ve been using Santevia® countertop water filter system for a few years now and LOVE it! I was diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago and have used Santevia® water as part of my healing program.
I love that the water is clean, readily available, eco-friendly, and delicious! Thank you for such an amazing product. I share my gratitude for Santevia with all of my friends and clients (and plan to do so for years to come!).

In 3 weeks all pain stopped!
Up until four months ago, I experienced chronic pain for about 2 1/2 years. I tried every natural anti-inflammatory, osteopathy, chiropractic, more exercise; LESS exercise…nothing seemed to work. I’ve been drinking reverse osmosis water for the last 12 years — adding trace mineral drops to the RO water for the last 11 years.

At the end of June of this year, I purchased the Santevia® Pure Earth Water system. In about 3 weeks ALL PAIN STOPPED! My husband also noticed a decrease in his work-related shoulder pain. I CHANGED NOTHING EXCEPT THE WATER WE WERE DRINKING. I’m convinced that the Santevia water completely turned my chronic pain around.

My husband and I notice that our kids are drinking more water, too. Guests are intrigued with the counter unit — I happily explain the system (and my success story).

My family is getting the cleanest water possible
I purchased the Santevia® Water Filter System about 2 years ago for use in my home. The water is absolutely delicious and saves me from buying plastic bottles, something I don’t want to buy for a number of reasons. But that’s not why I am writing to you today…

An amazing thing happened when I started to give my little dog the Santevia water. She is a lovely miniature Schnauzer named Monique.

Her silvery white beard had slowly become a terrible rust colour and we couldn’t figure out why. After much research I discovered that it was the pH level in the water she was drinking.

After one month on the Santevia water we noticed a remarkable difference in the colour of her beard. It is gleaming white once more and I wanted to let you know what a difference it has made. Although the change is on the surface cosmetic, I know that deep down my family is getting the cleanest water possible.
Michelle and Monique

The results were immediate
For about a year and a half I was having a problem with bladder infections and was on antibiotics. I was suffering from bladder irritation. Now that I am using the Santevia® Water Filter System, I have not had a bladder infection and I have been antibiotic free. I am thrilled to be antibiotic free because of the adverse side effects the antibiotics have on my system. I am most grateful! The results were immediate.

My body was too acidic
I would like to thank you with some words of testimony to your Santevia Water System. I have been dealing with acid reflux lately and the problem wasn’t so much that I was eating too spicy foods rather my body was too acidic. Just 24 hours after drinking the Santevia water from my countertop system, I have not experienced even the slightest symptom.

Here are more testimonials for our perusal.. Click here:

Personally, I hope they’re right to be honest… and they might be…

Again, I can’t personally make claims to the power of Alkaline water because I have not been in the position to measure it’s effectiveness (thankfully) but here’s what I do know:

This weekend is the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend and I had my family over for dinner.

My Dad has not been feeling ‘great’ lately… and my mom is quite worried about him.

Sadly, in my opinion… I don’t think she’s over reacting. My dad seems a bit ‘shaky’ and certainly not as strong as he was and he’s definitely been on a bit of a decline these last few moths to be honest. I am glad he is going to get checked out.

In any event, I am feeling concerned for sure so I’m purchasing another Santevia Gravity Water System to give to them.

Again, I can’t say it will make the difference we hope for – but it’s a no risk move on my part. If he can flush his system out and perhaps balance things out it’s definitely worth doing!

In conclusion, I’m sharing this post today just to say… hey, if there’s something that ails you… why not give it a try.

For less than two hundred bucks… what’s there to lose?

Oh.. and by the way, its perfectly fine with me if you don’t use my link. Just do yourself a favour… and go direct if you want. Just check it out …read up thoroughly and then make your own decision… because …hey you never know!

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