Are you Drinking Enough Water? Here are Couple of Suggestions to Make it Habit

by AlkalineMom on 8:55 pm

enough water

Are you drinking enough water?

Although we all know the importance, most of us are terrible when it comes to making sure we are drinking enough water.

I find it humorous too that so many people say “oh I drink lots of fluids every day’….

The problem is … that’s not what we’re talking about “fluids” we’re talking about pure clean water! 😉

In other words, coffee, tea, orange juice, coke, and milk don’t count!

The bottom line is that pure clean water is absolutely, one hundred percent, like it or lump it… an integral key to feeling better and leading a healthier life!

I know that getting into the habit of drinking water isn’t easy. Lets face it most of us are not ‘enthralled’ with it.

What I do know though, is that once you start making a conscious effort, it becomes so much easier and almost automatic. What’s even better is you’ll reap the benefits of drinking water by feeling better in the way of having more energy and it’ll do the world of good for your body.

So how much water is enough water?

On average it is suggested that each adult should drink eight – 8oz – 10 oz glasses of water per day.


Another suggestion is to drink half your body weight in ounces. For example if you are 140lbs – then aim to drink 70 oz of water daily.

Perhaps a better way of saying it might be for you to drink ½ oz for every lb. of body weight. 🙂

Spread your water intake throughout the day and it’s really not a huge commitment.

Here are some tips to help you build the habit of drinking enough water daily:

I’ve been on and off the water habit a few times over the years and I have found two helpful ways of ensuring I get back into the swing of things:

** Drink one 10 oz glass first thing in the morning.

** 10 oz mid morning.

** One 10 oz glass of water before lunch and one with lunch.

** Again… one 10 oz glass mid afternoon.

** One before dinner and another with dinner. (This will also help you avoid over eating)

Have your last glass at around 7pm if you fear waking up to run to the bathroom… although to be honest, once your system gets used to being properly hydrated you likely won’t have this problem.

When I used to have a ‘day’ job, and was tied to the phone most of the day, I kept a huge 32 glass of water on my desk! It was actually one of those giant ‘beer mugs’ 🙂

I would make sure that while at work I would drink at least two of those throughout the day. This way I had more or less reached my desired daily intake. Having a couple of glasses when I got home did the trick to top it off.

I can’t even begin to explain how much it did for my energy level and ‘alertness’ factor.
Not to mention the ‘health’ benefits of drinking water which I will briefly share in one of my next posts.

These days since I’m back in the water kick, and particularly since discovering the benefits of drinking Alkaline Water instead of tap water or purified water.

A few months ago I purchased a Santevia Water Gravity System which really adds to the enjoyment of drinking water because a) it tastes absolutely incredible… and b) I know it is the healthiest choice and the best water to provide not only me .. but my family. Even the kids are in the habit of drinking more water!

I still use my same 32 oz Mug and find that I refill often simply because I for the first time actually like the water so much better.

I can tell you that after a couple of day, you will truly start to feel the benefits of drinking alkaline water… and it’s such a cost effective way of maintaining your health by implementing simple damage control by simply wetting your whistle! What could be simpler?

Pure clean water is essential for a healthy body. It’s one of the most effective methods of maintaining a healthy body. It’s just a matter of making it become a regular part of your daily routine. The results are priceless.

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