Are You Concerned About Drinking Water Quality in Canada?| Or Elsewhere??

by AlkalineMom on 5:32 pm

drinking water quality ?

Are you concerned about drinking water quality in Canada … or elsewhere?

Are you concerned about the quality of drinking water?

It might be solely my own opinion but it’s my view there is definitely reason to be concerned about the quality of drinking water in Canada… or anywhere else for that matter.

In this day and age, the water that is delivered to our homes has been exposed to a number of chemicals at the treatment plant… the most commonly known of these is chlorine.

While I understand the necessity for the chlorination of drinking water (to kill off bacteria), still the thoughts of ingesting chemicals in drinking water from the treatment plant has me feeling uneasy.

I’m sure there are a number of standards that are followed that are deemed to be safe … (as we are told).

Perhaps these supposed ‘low counts; of foreign substances are truly ‘believed’ to be safe by the powers that be… but at the end of the day, who’s standards are they… and is there enough research or concern with regards to the long term effects.

Water is an essential part of life as we all know, without it we can’t exist. Leaving this “essential part of life” up to human error is no longer an option I feel comfortable with.

Again…I know what we are “told” … it is safe…and there is no reason to be concerned about the quality of drinking water…. but is it? Are we being told the truth? Or do “they” really know?

After all if we are continually putting this through our system, when then, do we have the opportunity to ‘flush’ or clean them out without risking the possibility (and in my opinion, very real probability) of build up?

At some point common sense has to come into the picture. Chemicals, no matter what they are… whether they are eaten or chemicals added to drinking water can’t be safe. Period!

If I haven’t given you enough to ponder…listen to this video from CBC talking about the concerns of the quality of drinking water and see what you think? *Click the link below from CBC*

I know that I’ve been like a broken record and likely made if very clear that I am not a fan of chlorination or drinking water just based on the fact that it’s UN natural…. Who would have guessed or even considered that chlorine might even react to naturally occurring natural material to boot?

On the other hand, I don’t truly feel that chlorination can be eliminated completely in all areas either. 🙁

As the video states, there are a great many people drinking water directly from their own wells…many that are exposed to run off from farm fields or even in some cases…their own sewage.

With that said it’s easy to feel lost and wondering how to handle this situation or which way to turn.

While many people are choosing these days to purchase purified water… it can become expensive and add waste to the environment.

Not to mention, that purified water has had the organic trace minerals stripped from it leaving it neutral and not nearly as beneficial as natural clean water was meant to be.

While I am not a scientist or expert in this field…I truly believe that those who are concerned about the quality of drinking water need to take the responsibility into their own hands effective immediately. Those who are not concerned … should be!

After doing much research into the many ways of accessing cost effective and healthy methods of tackling this beast, in order to ensure my family has access to clean drinking water, in the end the choice was simple.

We choose to drink only water that has been thorough a Santevia Water Gravity system.
Or Click Here to be taken directly to the source!

There are many reasons I chose this system other than the concerns I have stated in this post with regards to the quality of drinking water… you can find my pivotal reasons right here.

I must say that it has been a weight off my shoulders as I do feel assured that I am doing my best and that the water I provide to my family is not only clean and purified, it has been re-mineralized due to the natural mineral stones “natural trace minerals’ which means my family is getting great tasting vitalized, clean, alkalinized healthy water the way we should.

Click here to perform your own due diligence… but I am sure that once you have taken a look around the Santevia site, you will see the logic.

Make your own Healthy Clean Water

Not only will you have peace of mind, but you’ll also save money by avoiding the need to purchase bottled water which pollutes the environment with unnecessary plastic waste. (Again, adding further contamination to our environment… not only the ‘garbage’ factor, the chemicals that are needed to produce the plastic in the first place)

What are your thoughts pertaining to drinking water quality? What did you get out of that video?

Any questions, please feel free to contact me thought this site at any time.


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