An Alkaline Water Machine Doesn’t Have to be Expensive!

by AlkalineMom on 10:36 pm

Purchasing an alkaline water machine doesn’t have to be expensive despite the fact that these days there are many outrageously priced alkaline water machines popping all over the place.

When I did research, I found a great number of them; many primarily sold through MLM and costing upwards of $2000 which is enough to persuade you from scrapping the idea altogether.

Thankfully there is a cost effective solution that is affordable for just about any budget and actually costs less than purchasing a run of the mill water purifier available at most department stores.

The solution is the Santevia Gravity Water System which will not only save you money on acquiring the machine itself, you will no longer have to purchase purified water from your local grocery store in order to supply your family with safe drinking water.

Since I actually DO own a Santevia Alkaline Water Machine myself,

… I am in the perfect position to share a few additional benefits that also add to the value:

    The system actually re mineralizes the water re adding the natural trace minerals that are removed after the purification process, hence revitalizing the water the way water was intended!
    It requires no electricity, allowing you to place the machine anywhere in your home as it is not reliant on an electrical outlet to function.
    The system requires no fancy plumbing or installation; in fact you can have our system set up in less than an hour.
    It’s also pleasant on the eye as it requires no big blue bottles that take away from your décor! Its unique filter/vitalizing system displays the healthy mineral rocks that re vitalize your water. It’s really quite a conversation piece!

At the end of the day, at least having a look at the Santevia Alkaline Water Machine that actually adds the nutritional elements back into the water naturally I’m sure will make perfect sense; not to mention you will appreciate how cost effective this system is and save our from spending upwards of $2000.00 and having to endure a sales pitch to become a distributor at the same time!

For more information click here to find additional information and get your questions answered!

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