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Alkaline water, alkaline water systemsHello, my name is Jayne.

I am a full time internet entrepreneur with a focus primarily in the personal development, life improvement genre.

I am the mother of two beautiful kids who are my world.

I built this site as I enjoy promoting and sharing products that I feel are for the betterment of my readers either physically or mentally! :-).

It is important to me that you know that I never, ever promote anything that I have either not tried myself, or that I have not researched thoroughly.

In other words, I don’t need to promote just for the sake of it. If I am not passionate about something, I simply don’t share it!

When it comes to sharing alkaline water benefits, and economical, environmentally friendly products… I’m all in. Now you might be wondering if I am one of the ‘off the wall’ legalistic “Health Nuts” 🙂

The answer is ‘not at all’ … seriously… but with that said I am thoughtful of what I feed my family and being that Alkaline Water is so simple to provide my family… and it makes so much sense…. I can’t come up with a reason why I wouldn’t be a proponent.

I feel if I can avoid the chemicals from tap water, I can drink mineralized water rather than neutral purified water… why wouldn’t i??

Now of course this blog is based solely on my personal feelings and opinions.

In other words I am not a scientist, medical professional or anything else. My opinions stated on this blog are my own based on my own research, due diligence and personal feelings.

Please feel free to do your own research and understand I am not making any claims.

If you have any Medical conditions… speak to your doc… not me! (that’s a bit of legal stuff that had to be said).

Basically, I’m just a regular person who is a proponent of Santevia Systems because I use the products myself.

In other words, this review is right from the ‘horses mouth’ based on first hand experience with my alkaline water system!

I choose to drink alkaline water based on my own research as well as the fact we have noticed a tremendous difference since doing so.

With that said, I do believe there are many other additional benefits as well but you should form your own conclusions.

My reasons for choosing Alkaline Water vs. Tap or Purified water.

As I have already shared, I don’t have any medical or scientific background whatsoever, but in this day and age, I do believe there are some things we have to either research, or test for ourselves. Lets face it – if you don’t look after yourself these days, nobody else will!

Once we have done our due diligence, we can all make our own decisions based on gathered information and our ‘gut’ feeling or even just common sense… that is if it makes sense to us.

While I don’t have any proof that alkaline water can ‘cure’ anything, nor do I have any ‘proof’ that it will prevent anything in the way of illness, I do know the quality of the water from our Santevia Water dispenser is a huge improvement over the tap water.

You see, over the course of the last number of years, the quality of household tap water has declined tremendously.

Tap water in my area, and in most populated locations contains chlorine and other added chemicals which is becoming more and more noticeable. As the population increases, it seems the chemicals added to not only our food sources, but our water has also increased.

Where I live, we can even smell or taste the chlorine in our tap water, which to me; it just doesn’t make sense to drink it on a continuous basis. I personally, just don’t feel right about it, despite the fact we are told it’s perfectly safe to do so.

I’m not saying we’re going to drop dead based on having a glass here or there, but if you do like to get your suggested water intake …then why would you want to ingest chlorine??

“OK you say, then just get a Purified Water System”

I do have a purified water system (you know the kind with the big blue bottle)… and I’m sure the water dispensed from the system is perfectly fine.

The trouble with Purified water is, though pure, it is also void of any of the mineral compounds that ‘natural water’ was intended to deliver.

Also, I don’t know about you… but to me, there’s a neutral taste (almost an odd taste) to purified water. It’s one I have never been able to get fully used to.

Again, there is nothing wrong with purified water other than it doesn’t really serve any other purpose ther than just being ‘wet’… and good for hydration.

When I came across the Santevia Gravity Water System, I was prompted to research why it might be a beneficial option.

Now, I may be in a unique position regarding this product because I actually do know the developers of the product, Yvonne and David, in fact I have known them from a distance for many years although not ‘closely’

I was aware that a few years ago, David had severe health issues due to acid reflux and was told he would have to take medication for the rest of his life.

Yvonne, his wife was opposed to ‘any’ medications for ‘life’… so she used her scientific background to set out to find a way to help him.

Together they produced a system that not only purified water, but also alkalized it, then re-mineralized it so it would still provide the necessary mineral compounds that nature intended.

Within a very short period of time, David’s acid reflux disappeared… and it has never returned.

Knowing this information and considering the benefits that we all know drinking a healthy amount of water provides, I felt that it only made sense to drink not only purified water, but alkaline (balanced water) that would counter many of the acidic chemicals found in our body due to the foods we eat, coffee, and even bodily produced chemical acids due to ‘stress’… which I have certainly had my share of.

Initially I was concerned about the ‘cost’ of the system as I was not really interested in investing a huge amount into some ‘new fangled’ water treatment system…. But still considered doing so.

Much to my surprise however, the Santevia water system actually cost less than my run-of-the mill Greenway water cooler!

Additionally, I will never have to haul my “big blue bottles’ up to the ‘Culligan’ water filler at the grocery store every couple of weeks… not to mention struggle and play the fun and games when it comes time to change the bottle on my cooler!

Why? Because the Santevia Gravity Water System purifies ‘TAP water’….

You simply fill the reservoir with tap water and the system does the rest by purifying the water by filtering out the chlorine and other chemicals. Then IT slowly re mineralized and vitalizes the water through a number of organic rocks and minerals to re vitalize it and produce an end product that is alkaline and easy on the body.

The end result is the water tastes great… just the way it used to when I was a child, and we all drink more of it. Even the kids choose water over juice… now that’s saying something. 😉

In conclusion, my thinking is that it costs less, to supply my family with healthy alkaline mineralized water than it does to take the chance on tap water or drink neutral purified water.

There is certainly nothing at all to lose, I mean let’s face it… why take the chance on chemicals if you don’t have to… and why not drink water that is only going to do some good. It’s certainly not going to do you any harm and the health benefits seem to be in abundance to those who have been drinking it for years.

To see some testimonials on the product visit the Santevia Pure Earth Water Site.

Again, I don’t have any ‘health related’ testimonials other than we all feel great likely due to the fact we are well hydrated! 🙂 – but I do feel that if you are in the market for a water purifier, you may as well go for an alkaline water system for no greater hassle or cost.

My two bits!

Feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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