Five years later

by AlkalineMom on 9:27 pm

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Five Years Later and I am still enjoying drinking just as much, if not more water than when I decided to set my mind to getting healthier and realized the importance of healthy hydration. Sadly, I will say, though the water intake has certainly not dwindled, the attention I have paid to my poor website […]


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While talking to a friend the other day about unique Christmas Gift Ideas, I shared the fact that I am giving the gift of health to many of my family and friends. As you may already know my passion for my Santevia Gravity Water System, you are likely not surprised that I have a few […]


alkaline water, santevia, reverse osmosis system

Many of you know by now my love for alkaline water and the Santevia product line, in particular the Santevia Countertop Gravity System. With that said, I have had a few questions regarding a ‘plumbed in’ alkaline water system… and as it happens I have a fantastic suggestion from the same ‘family’ of products. For […]


Kidney Health & Alkaline Water Benefits

by AlkalineMom on 11:31 pm

kidney health, alkaline water

Alkaline Water & Kidney Health If you have concerns surrounding kidney health, then drinking alkaline water might just be something to consider. The kidneys are vital organs that filter waste and excess fluid from the body. If your kidney health is compromised, although may not be possible to ‘reverse’ the ailments, but often the progression […]


drinking water quality

Are you concerned about drinking water quality in Canada … or elsewhere? Are you concerned about the quality of drinking water? It might be solely my own opinion but it’s my view there is definitely reason to be concerned about the quality of drinking water in Canada… or anywhere else for that matter. In this […]


Santevia Gravity Water System helps the environment

How The Santevia Gravity Water System Preserves the Environment. Source of info from Although it makes sense many people don’t realize that by using the Santevia Gravity Water System you are actually preserving the environment (not to mention your health) at the same time. It is estimated that the average adult spends over $400 […]


Why Bother Drinking Alkaline Water? Or Should I Say..Why Wouldn’t You?

October 19, 2011
alkaline water, drink alkaline water

Why Bother Drinking Alkaline Water? If you are reading this post you are obviously looking into the benefits of alkaline water in order to learn more about it. So… why drink alkaline water then? What I should really say is… why wouldn’t you? After all, we all know the benefits of drinking water alone…. So […]

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Santevia Gravity Water System | The Pivotal Reasons I Bought One

October 17, 2011
santevia gravity water system for alkaline water

I’d like to share the reason(s) that caused me to choose the Santevia Water Gravity System and to start drinking alkaline water as a way to add another layer of preventative measures pertaining to the health of myself and my family. As I have already confessed on my about me page, I am not your […]

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Side Effects of Not Drinking Enough Water:

October 15, 2011
side effects of not drinking enough water, dehydration

Most people live in a constant state of dehydration simply due to the effects of not drinking enough water… and don’t even know it. There are so many negative effects of dehydration, some more critical than others. For example, one of the side effects of not drinking enough water is taxing effect on our kidneys. […]

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Are you Drinking Enough Water? Here are Couple of Suggestions to Make it Habit

October 15, 2011
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Although we all know the importance, most of us are terrible when it comes to making sure we are drinking enough water. I find it humorous too that so many people say “oh I drink lots of fluids every day’…. The problem is … that’s not what we’re talking about “fluids” we’re talking about pure […]

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